The Author



My name is Rifda Amalia. I graduated from the Fine Art Faculty, Bandung Institute of Technology, majoring in painting. I was a teaching assistant in the Aesthetics And Theory of Arts Department-FSRD ITB (2013-2015), and I like to make independent art projects with my art collective called YIFI (Young Indonesian Female Initiatives). Some of my experience including working as secretary for the 7th Asian Art Museum Director’s Forum and assistant curator in Indonesia National Gallery (ex. Manifesto #4, Indonesia Art Award, etc.). I also worked as Arts Program Officer for The British Council Indonesia mainly focusing on projects in visual arts, film and literature (2015-2016)..

I recently move to New York City to do my Master Program in Museum Studies at New York University. I will try to make this blog as my cathartic portal to share my life in NYC. You will most likely find posts about: art, exhibitions, museums, books, films, and all sort of self-contemplation kind-of post. I’m very passionate about: singing, traveling, food, french and centaurs. 

I am a hard core dreamer and a truly optimist, a totally weird mix between a Sagitarian and an ENFP.

I hope you enjoy my posts!

instagram: @rifdalia

Facebook: Rifda Amalia