Garden Art Festival by YIFI




Finding a little paradise inside Goethe Institute’s building was our inspiration to create this one day showcase of contemporary art. This classical building was built since the Dutch Colonial era and still maintained to its original form. In the middle, there’s a hidden paradise, a green and beautiful garden that waiting to be fulfilled with creativity. Since our last Exhibition series “Space Intruders #1” (2013) and “Space Intruders #2” (2014) we realise that the space is something that not supposed to be rigid and limited behind the walls of galleries. The space is something that the artists can respond to, and where anyone can relate to with their experience. Space Intruders were done in restaurants and concept store with a huge success of touching broader audiences. As art spaces in Bandung is also limited we always need another alternative to make art becoming more accessible and becoming the important part of the urban lifestyle. One of the solutions is looking for other space potentials, and

Now with the Garden Art Festival, YIFI aims to make an intimate garden party between the artists and the audiences. YIFI wants to create a green gateway in which people can come and directly experiencing art. In the same time, Goethe Institute Bandung, as a German Cultural Institution, aims to reactivate their space as a creative space that will support the dynamic growth of art and culture in Bandung. Regarding this mutual goal, YIFI organized this Garden Art Festival by inviting young artists from Bandung and one artist from Germany, who will respond the space with various kind of art; art performances, video art, art installation, interactive art inside the classes, live action print, and music.

Rifda Amalia. December 2014


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